Download service for E1a and E2a data

Update 02.05.2024: This service to be discontinued end of 2024 and are replaced by

Update 29.07.2019: Include invalid data

Update 20.11.2018: Update frequency; E2a (UTD) files are now recreated every night (starts at 01:00 AM finished around 05:30 AM)

Update 14.08.2018: Measurement method added to metadata file

Update 17.05.2018: Notice that we have changed the pollutant parameter to use the pollutant id (e.g. 5, see instead of the pollutant notation (e.g. PM10). This is to overcome the problems with pollutant containing blanks and '+' in the notation. The change have been made backward compatibly so a request using pollutant=PM10 will still work. The form below uses the pollutant id.

The download service is based on access to pre-prepared csv files and the service helps you to extract the list of files to be downloaded matching your search criteria.
Data available in this service comes from two dataflows: E1a and E2a. The E1a data are reported to EEA by memberstates every September and covers the year before the delivery. This means that data delivered in September 2017 covers 2016. EEA also recieves up-to-date (E2a) data on hourly basis from most of its member states. Because E1a data are validated and considered an official delivery, all E2a data are deleted before E1a data are imported. This is to ensure that no E2a data are mixed with E1a data.

Download form

The form below will help you to build the request URL to get the list of files to download matching your criteria.
Before executing the URL it is possible to refine the request, e.g. by adding a specific station or leaving a parameter blank.
Note: Country, City and Pollutant are interlinked and changing the country will cause the others to change.

For all countries, see note below.
City name
Please, be aware that not every pollutant is reported by every country why the pollutant list depends on the selected country.
Year from
Year to
E2a (UTD) data are only available for years where E1a data have not yet been delivered (this will normally be the most recent year)
Output type
Update date
Optional, format yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss. To be used when only files created or updated after a certain date is of interest.
Time coverage
Files available for requested years or last 7 days.

Note: The form above is only to help build the request URL. Executing the request URL will return a list of URL's identifying the individual files to download.
A parameter can also be left blank, e.g. if all files from a country are requested, the pollutant parameter is left blank like:

Sample file

The files are provided as comma separated files, see this sample:

Additional parameters

Besides the parameteres available in the form above the parameters below can also be used:

Station : If only data from a specific station is needed, use this parameter to specify the station localid. See also EoICode
EoICode : If only data from a specific station is needed, use this parameter to specify the station EoI code. Pay attention to the difference between Station and EoICode. The station localid was introduced in the e-Reporting schema, while the EoI code was the main entity in Airbase. Logically they are the same, but the naming can be different. An example of a station localid is 'STA-CZ0BBDN' while the EoI code in this case is 'CZ0BBDN'.
Samplingpoint: If only data from a specific samplingpoint is needed, use this parameter to specify the samplingpoint localid
Undelivered : A correct delivery of data to EEA consists of both metadata (dataflow D) and data (dataflow E). In some cases we get a new delivery of metadata (dataset D) which do not include old metadata, e.g. a samplingpoint is missing, but data in dataset E continues to refer to this samplingpoint. In this case the data are flagged as 'Undelivered=1' meaning that in principle metadata are missing. It stays flagged as 'Undelivered=1' until a new dataset D including the missing samplingpoint have been received. However, the metadata was delivered in a previous delivery of dataset D so we still consider the data to be valid. Warning: In some rare cases this can lead to overlapping timeseries. Valid values for the Undelivered flag are: blank (default) - ignore, 0 - metadata included in last dataset D, 1 - metadata missing in last dataset D.
To identify a specific station and or samplingpoint localid, we recommend to use one of the viewers available in the air quality portal (, e.g the UTD viewer

How to download all the files?

This service will provide a list of URL from where each file can be downloaded, and depending on the user need (and number of files) the output can be requested as HTML or TEXT. Below are some possible options for download:

1) Click on each file (use the HTML output option) and download to a local folder
2) Install an extension in your browser (e.g. Multi-File Downloader in Chrome) which makes it easy to download all files from a web page (use the HTML output option)
3) Use the TEXT output option and make a script which goes through the list and downloads each file
About the data

E2a (UTD) files for the current year are updated once a day. The update job starts at 01:00 AM and normally finishes around 05:30 AM).
The most recent year of E1a (historic) files are updated on monthly basis, whereas previous years of E1a only updates on request. However, at the end of each yearly reporting cycle (end of December) we run the export job for the most recent years. This is to ensure that if some countries have redelivered historic data, e.g. for 2013, this will also be reflected in the donwload service.

Content of files
CountrycodeStringCountry iso code
NamespaceStringUnique namespace as provided by the country
AirQualityNetworkStringNetwork identifier
AirQualityStationStringLocalid of the station
AirQualityStationEoICodeStringUnique station identifier as used in the past AirBase system
SamplingpointStringLocalid of the samplingpoint
SamplingpointStringLocalid of the samplingpoint
SamplingProcessStringLocalid of the samplingprocess
SampleStringLocalid of the sample (also known as the feature of interest)
AirPollutantStringShort name of pollutant. Full list:
AirPollutantCodeStringReference (URL) to the definition of the pollutant in data dictonary
AveragingTimeStringDefines the time for which the measure have been taken (hour, day, etc)
ConcentrationValueThe measured value/concentration
UnitOfMeasurementStringDefines the unit of the concentration
DateTimeBeginDatetimeDefines the start time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss Z) of the measurement (includes timezone)
DateTimeEndDatetimeDefines the end time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss Z)of the measurement (includes timezone)
ValidityIntegerThe validity flag for the measurement. See
VerificationIntegerThe verification flag for the measurement. See

April 2024: Up-to-date metadata available at

Metadata file described below has been discontinued
The join between timeseries files and the metadata file should be be made using the Countrycode (or Namespace) and SamplingPoint.

CountrycodeStringCountry iso code
TimezoneStringTimezone used by the country to report dates
NamespaceStringNamespace of network
AirQualityNetworkStringNetwork identifier
AirQualityStationStringLocalid of station
AirQualityStationEoICodeStringStation EoI code as used in the past AirBase system
AirQualityStationNatCodeStringNational code of station
SamplingPointStringLocalid of samplingpoint
SamplingProcessStringLocalid of process
SampleStringLocalid of sample (also known as feature of interest)
AirPollutantCodeStringReference (URL) to pollutant definition in data dictionary
ObservationDateBeginDatetimeObservation's start time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
ObservationDateEndDatetimeObservation's end time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
ProjectionStringReference to projection
LongitudeDecimalLongitude of samplingpoint
LatitudeDecimalLatitude of samplingpoint
AltitudeIntegerAltitude of samplingpoint (m)
MeasurementTypeStringReference to measurement type (full list at
AirQualityStationTypeStringShort name of station type (full list at
AirQualityStationAreaStringReference to area code. Full list at
EquivalenceDemonstratedStringReference to demonstrated equivalence. Full list at
MeasurementEquipmentStringRefernce (URL) to measurement equipment
InLetHeightIntegerHeight of inlet (m). Value of -999 indicate unknown
BuildingDistanceIntegerDistance to building (m). Value of -999 indicate unknown
KerbDistanceIntegerDistance to kerp (m). Value of -999 indicate unknown

Discontinued: Extract of metadata (file is updated on daily basis): PanEuropean_metadata.csv

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