E1a/E2a download service

Recommende option: Download of validated and official (E1a) and up-to-date (E2a) air quality data:

Direct downloads

Direct downloads are the easiest and fastest download option.

Simply select the country and pollutant you are interested in from the dropdowns below.

Please, be aware that not every pollutant is reported by every country.

Files are recreated every 30 minutes and contains 48 hours of data.

Alternatively, you can build the URL yourself with this simple pattern:
//discomap.eea.europa.eu/map/fme/latest/$(Country)_$(Pollutant).csv Use the countrycode and pollutant as shown in the form above.

Some examples:

  • NO2 for spain:
  • PM10 for Denmark:
and so on. Data is provided for all the available pollutants in a country.

A list of available files (URLs) can be downloaded here.

Python sample for downloading

To ease the download, we recommend using a scheduled script. Below is a Python script sample which can be used as an inspiration.

On demand extracts

Note: The on-demand-extract service will be discontinued. Please consider to use the direct download or this option: http://discomap.eea.europa.eu/map/fme/AirQualityExport.htm

Old page available here: AirQualityOnDemand.htm

Service status

Current status of data delivery: https://tableau.discomap.eea.europa.eu/t/Aironline/views/Airquality_E2a_monitoring/DashboardE2a?:embed=y&:showShareOptions=true&:display_count=no&:showVizHome=no

Extract of metadata (file is updated on daily basis): PanEuropean_metadata.csv
Note: This extract contains metadata for all air quality station, not all of these provides UTD data but only yearly submissions. It also includes invalid data.

More information on air quality: http://www.eionet.europa.eu/aqportal

Support contact: aqutd.helpdesk@eionet.europa.eu