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Thematic ArcGIS Servers

The EEA has a complete life cycle environment for the services production, including TEST and PRODUCTION servers. You can check them out in the Publishing guidelines.

ArcGIS Pro

In the ever-evolving field of Geographic Information System (GIS), ArcGIS Pro has emerged as a powerful software tool for data management, analysis, and visualization. As an organization committed to harnessing the full potential of GIS technology, we have embraced ArcGIS Pro as our primary platform for publishing services to ArcGIS Servers and creating engaging content within Portal for ArcGIS.

ArcGIS Pro offers a robust and user-friendly environment that empowers our publishers to efficiently publish their geospatial data and services. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive set of tools, ArcGIS Pro enables our team to create, manage, and share geospatial content seamlessly.

Through the integration of ArcGIS Pro with ArcGIS Servers, we have established a streamlined workflow for publishing and maintaining services. This integration ensures that our data is accessible, discoverable, and reliable for both internal use and external consumption. By leveraging the capabilities of ArcGIS Servers, we can scale our services to meet the increasing demands of our users and deliver high-performance geospatial applications.

Furthermore, the integration with Portal for ArcGIS enhances our ability to create captivating and interactive content. This robust portal empowers our team to publish web maps, applications, and other geospatial resources that can be easily shared, accessed, and utilized by our stakeholders. It serves as a centralized hub for collaboration, enabling efficient data sharing and fostering engagement with our target audience.

Configuring ArcGIS Pro

Useful documents:

Portal for Arcgis

Portal for ArcGIS is a software component of our ArcGIS Enterprise. Check out the introduction story to the EEA Portal.


  1. Go to Portal page On the top right you should find Sign In button. Click Sign In button, you should see the following 2 options:
    Login options

  2. Click on EEA Office 365 (don’t use ArcGIS login) You should now see a form where you can enter your Eionet username. Please enter your Eionet username: EEA Login screen

  3. You will then be asked to enter your password. Please enter it.

  4. If this is your first visit to discomap portal, you will be asked to configure multi-factor authentication (MFA) by scanning the on screen QR code. Use any mobile authenticator application (Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, FreeOTP...etc.). Please scan the QR code.

    Mobile Authenticator Setup screen

  5. Enter the OTP that is generated for you on authenticator app along with the name that appears on the authenticator app as well (login-eea)

  6. Now your account has been configured successfully.

  7. In your next visit to discomap portal you will be able to use your username and authenticator code, or you may click on Try Another Way link to use your password.
Code or Password screen Code or Password screen

After login, please make sure that your username is correct in the top right corner of discomap portal. Username should be the same as your Eionet username, it should not be followed with numbers. For example, discoeea is correct but discoeea2 is incorrect. If you see your username followed by number please contact send an email to screenshot for support.

User screen

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. I am trying to login with my username and password, and it does not work, what could be wrong? Here is a screenshot. AG Login screen

    Answer: User is using ArcGIS login, which is incorrect. EEA Office 365 should be used instead.

  2. I am using EEA Office 365, I have entered my username and code from Authenticator but it says invalid code, what’s wrong?

    Answer: please be sure that you have configured your Authenticator as shown in step 4 above, and you are getting the code for eea-login.

  3. I remember that I have configured my authenticator using QR code before, but now when I open EEA Office 365, it opens Mobile authenticator setup again, what shall I do?

    Answer: please follow the steps and set it up again, if you already have eea-login in your authenticator app, we may delete it to continue the setup correctly.

  4. What username shall I use to access discomap portal?

    Answer: please user you Eionet username and password

  5. I managed to login, but I feel that there is something different/incorrect/strange with my user, what’s wrong? Answer: please check your username in the top right corner of discomap portal, it should be the same as your Eionet username, if it is different, or has any numbers after it, please contact for support.


The environmental information published at DiscoMap is aligned with the INSPIRE Directive where possible.

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